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Be THE Voice® provides schools with a truly unique character building initiative that helps students understand the "power of the Bystander".

Bullying, prejudice, exclusion, acts of hate...these are just a few of the issues facing students today.  In addition, they are also balancing academics, athletics, relationships - all posted online for the world to see.  Today's students are children of the digital age where one positive or negative post can lead to poor decisions.  The rise in teen suicide and school shootings in our country is a clear indication that students are reaching their breaking point.  In many cases, all it takes is one VOICE of kindness & compassion and things can change!

Research  has proven that when a bystander intervenes, they will successfully defuse a difficult situation in less than 10 seconds 57% of the time.  A pretty impressive statistic and one that ultimately became the foundation of our initiative. 


When kids intervene, bullying often stops within ten seconds.

Our program addresses cyberbullying
Because of online social communities, bullies have become faceless, often bullying a kid 24/7, with no hope of escape for the victim. Our bystander approach works as well for cyberbullying as it does for face-to-face encounters.

90% of students do not like witnessing a peer being mistreated. 

Yet, less than 20% will intervene. Mostly because they don’t know what to do.

Our innovative peer-led campaign directs students to bypass the aggressor and support the target, allowing them to impact change in a safe, non-confrontational manner


UGA Football supports Be THE Voice