Kids have the strength,
integrity, and power
to stop a bully


Be THE Voice

A program built on the power of bystander intervention to stop bullying
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When kids intervene, bullying often stops within ten seconds.

When kids intervene, self-esteem and respect goes up.
And they might even save a life!

Our program addresses cyberbullying
Because of online social communities, bullies have become faceless, often bullying a kid 24/7, with no hope of escape for the victim. Our bystander approach works as well for cyberbullying as it does for face-to-face encounters.

90% of kids don’t like seeing someone bullied
Yet, less than 20% try to stop it. Mostly because they don’t know what to do.
Our program helps students find their voice and speak up in situations that involve bullying.

UGA Football supports Be THE Voice