Julia Bernath

Fulton County District 7
 Board President

“BTV is a wonderful program already making a difference in our schools. As a student-driven initiative, BTV empowers all students to help stop bullying and not just stand by as a passive observer. Everyone could use the skills being introduced through the Be THE Voice program! Thank you!”

To hear more from Julia, watch the highlights from our Facebook Live Series on SEL programs and Be THE Voice®: https://youtu.be/GNnaDMt-Vl4

Principal, Ridgeview Charter Middle School
Be The Voice has been an invaluable addition to the extracurricular programs here at Ridgeview Charter Middle School. This was a challenging year to start a new
student organization due to a large percentage of our students being home, social distancing, and other limitations. However, to our delight, BTV programming at RCMS succeeded through Microsoft Teams allowing even more student engagement at all grade levels than before.

Both students and staff loved wearing BTV shirts and using other items in the booster kit. The BTV shirts became so popular here that I had to order more! BTV’s message is so uplifting and encouraging especially during a global pandemic year.

Our students benefitted from watching the BTV videos that promoted positive behavior by being upstanders instead of bystanders. Our discussions following the BTV videos allowed students to have an open and safe space to express their feelings. Many students felt isolated and shut down after spending months at home last year. Some even said that they felt uncomfortable socializing with their peers again.

Having BTV as a student-led organization focused on upstanding social behavior allowed students to talk openly with club members and other classmates. As an International Baccalaureate school, RCMS prides itself on providing students with opportunities to engage in ‘Acts of Service’. Through the BTV themes of compassion, inclusion, and kindness, our students were able to engage in schoolwide service activities.

In February RCMS students wrote postcards to our virtual students to help them feel included while being away from the building. In April we held a mask drive to collect masks for an organization that serves the homeless. We were able to collect 7000 masks as an act of
compassion and kindness.

Whether through BTV meetings, through service or wearing BTV shirts every Friday, RCMS Panthers have really enjoyed being part of Be The Voice. We are so grateful to partner with an organization that aligns so well with our school’s values. Thank you so much for your support and for bringing BTV to RCMS.


KEITH L. BALL, APR 2021, Marietta, GA
Principal, Marietta High School
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Be THE Voice this year. Debbie and Tran have helped bring out the joy, compassion and positivity that my students possess in light of these trying times.

Inclusion and advocacy is at the heart of all we do at Marietta High School and our partnership with Be THE Voice fits perfectly into our mission, values and commitments. We expect our students to stand up for each other and be somebody that makes everyone feel like somebody. We do not approach this work casually but with tremendous passion and intentionality. It is a daily commitment and Be THE Voice has given us the platform and broader audience to share our positive message.

I have worked in seven schools over my 22 year career. Three schools of which I have been given the awesome responsibility of leading. Be THE Voice at Marietta High School came at the right time, with the right spirit to help us make the positive so loud that the negative became almost impossible to hear.

I am forever grateful to Be THE Voice and look forward to growing our partnership.

CHRISS KOLLS, MAR 2021, Johns Creek, GA
Student Council Sponsor, Findley Oaks Elementary
We started Be THE Voice during the 2020-2021 school year. The Findley Oaks Student Council spearheaded the events, and they loved each and every one of them. With the pandemic, we had to get creative to make some things work within the protocols that were in place. The March event that our students enjoyed the most was Read Across America. We had our council members read to both our face-to-face and remote students in grades PK-2. The students loved having 4th and 5th graders read to them.

The student council has decided to purchase a Buddy Bench for our playground, inspired by the Buddy Bench video (included in the BTV weekly video series). One of our meetings was spent thinking about how they would react if they saw someone sitting on the Buddy Bench. I believe that children can be strong leaders when given the empowerment to do so. Each one, reach one.

Be THE Voice has allowed our student leaders to be a part of creating change among their peers. That is one thing that is so great about this program. What a fantastic program this is!!


D L STEPHENS, FEB 2021, East Point, GA
Principal, Paul D. West Middle School

JANE MYKLEBY, JUN 2020, Roswell, GA
Roswell Women's Club
As one of the supporters of the Be THE Voice program at Vickery Mill elementary school through the Roswell Woman's Club, I had the pleasure of seeing the program in action this past school year. The video materials, monthly challenges and programs, and just the timely topic itself I know was beneficial to the students. The pep rallies, held in two groups, one for the older students and one for the younger students, were engaging with visuals, videos, and music. All of which created a upbeat, positive approach of how to deal with the subject of bullying, in person and/or cyber. The BTV program helped teach the students ways to handle themselves in difficult situations. This is a life skill and one I feel is equally as important as other subjects we should expose our children to in the challenging world we are living in at this time. I feel privileged to have been a part of this movement.

CHRISTINA LOWE, Ph.D, JUN 2020, Barrow County GA
Director of Learning Supports, Barrow County School District
In August 2019, Barrow County School System began utilizing Be THE Voice and our students are enjoying the positive messages of the program. The kick-off events are fun and our students enjoyed that portion of the program. The program features videos that are shown each week for all grade levels. Several of our schools used the messages in the videos to come up with their own ideas to get involved in our community. For example, one school delivered handwritten letters to a nursing home and collected canned food for the needy. Another school's Beta Club brought in donations to the Humane Society and other students read to the patients at the local nursing home. We feel that the program's positive messages are making an impact on our students and community.

KEVIN D. SQUIERS, JUN 2020, Roswell, GA
Teacher, Crabapple Middle School
Success in school and in life, requires kids to feel safe and Be THE Voice assures our school is a safe space for everyone. The Be THE Voice program is a daily initiative at Crabapple Middle School involving every member of the school from teachers, students, administration, staff, and even community members giving kids the message that bullying is wrong and we are doing something about it. All kids enjoy the involvement and hate to see others hurting and BTV allows them to create a sense of community. The club organizes activities, parades, parties, team building, projects, and community events allowing kids to talk to one another and express their voice. Students hand out stickers and other prizes several times a year at carpool to welcome students and film anti-bullying videos regularly for the school news. Now more than ever we need Be THE Voice as it allows students of a different race, color, national origin, sex, gender expression or disability to express their voice and know that voice will be heard. I am grateful to help spread kindness with this great organization.

BONNIE BAILEY, JUN 2020, Johns Creek, GA
Science Teacher, Taylor Creek Middle School
BTV is an exceptional program that is beneficial to our students today. It presents a caring perspective on the level of young people where they can easily put themselves in someone else’s shoes. It allows small gestures that would normally go unnoticed to leave an impact. I would like to have it schoolwide in the following school year as opposed to just my student forum group of 50+ students. During our current state in our country it really leaves room for a program such as this to help educate students on tolerance and mutual respect for one another.

Career Coordinator, Haralson High School
Be THE Voice has been a wonderful addition to Haralson County High School. The platform it shares is perfect to bring unity among our young people. This past school year was my first year at HCHS and Be THE Voice was a campaign that shared all my same values as a school leader. Embracing students' individuality, stepping out of one's comfort zone, and being a voice for positive change. I witnessed student's come together to help one another, to think more before their actions, and share love and compassion for one another. Now, more than ever during our country's turmoil, we need Be THE Voice to help guide our young people to show their courage and be a shining example of what positive change looks like.

KINDRA SMITH, MAY 2020, Sandy Springs, GA
Principal, Riverwood Int'l Charter School
Be THE Voice is more than a program. It’s a culture changer that can ignite a kinder, more compassionate and inclusive environment led by students. In my opinion, BTV should be in every school! We’ve tried everything else, why not bet on our kids to inspire change! To hear more from Kindra, click here to watch the highlights from our Facebook Live Series on SEL programs and Be THE Voice®

Teacher, Yargo Elementary School
We started a Be THE Voice club for 4th and 5th graders who want to help spread kindness, compassion, and inclusion amongst our campus. We have had a school wide goal each month with the Beta Club earning service hours while learning the true meaning of being kind.

I have a display in the hall for the month of January that is called a "Blizzard of Kindness" with Olaf. The whole school is asked to make snowflakes and make at least 3 kindness goals for the year.

The month of December we had a "Compassionate Tree." The kids made cards for a nursing home and I put their name on an ornament and put it on the tree. We then went to the nursing home and took them goody bags and the cards. They have donated coat and toys.

We also had "The Kindness Pumpkin Patch” for the month of October. They had to make three new friends and learn something new about them. I put a pumpkin with their name on it in the patch.

In February the students are going to make cards for soldiers. I have 3 soldiers that are overseas, that we are going to spoil. Two of them went to Yargo and the other soldier’s mom works at Yargo.

The kids have really enjoyed the program this year. Getting the younger grades involved was important to me. All the kids loved getting a sticker, tattoo, or bracelet when they met the challenge. In addition, the Beta Club has participated in additional challenges and they have loved it. They have been on the announcements each month and tell the school the challenge. We also watched the weekly videos during the 3 months.

We have been busy and Be THE Voice has made a big difference.

KEVIN D. SQUIERS, JAN 2020, Roswell GA
Teacher, Crabapple Middle-School
The students are loving BTV and even students and teachers not officially affiliated with the club have jumped on board. We started BTV the first week of school, but ramped things up in September with the carpool stuff and videos. The videos are shown school wide. This organization has allowed students to meet new people and build relationships in a safe, diverse environment. They know they are part of a team that always has their backs.

DANA N. FOUNTAIN, MAY 2019, Roswell, GA
Teacher, Counselor Vickery Mill Elementary
BTV has definitely had an positive impact on our students, teachers and staff. The students look forward to the videos and the classroom discussions that follow. Students are reminded to Be THE Voice by their peers who are a select group of 4th and 5th graders that are a part of Vickery Mill’s Wise Council. We broadcast the BTV videos every Wednesday during our school announcements and our Wise Council and PBIS team wear our BTV shirts to show our unity. BTV is an excellent initiative that will have a lasting impact on our students as they navigate through life.

LACY HICKS, MAY 2019, Roswell, GA
Teacher, Hembree Springs Elementery
I love the Be THE Voice campaign because it gives students the confidence to stick up for each other in bullying situations.  It has made a great impact here at Hembree Springs

Teacher, Elkins Pointe Middle School
I absolutely love the BTV Campaign and all that it has done for our school! This campaign has really made a positive impact on our student body and the kids enjoy seeing actual videos from standout athletes and those that have even had someone to stand in the gap for them by “being the voice”.  The videos include role models that every student can easily find themselves represented and each Friday kids look forward to the next video and discussion questions where they get to share their ideas and feelings about what they learned. Our very own Interact club loves launching the campaign each year at the buses, passing out stickers, wearing their cool BTV t-shirts and getting the school excited about doing the right thing.

Principal, Crabapple Middle School
CMS is fortunate to have Be THE Voice as a catalyst for conversation around bullying. The videos are relevant to our students and prompt them to reflect, ask questions and have peer dialogue about social topics. It touches all students regardless of who they are as we all have either experienced acts of bullying or know someone who has. The Be THE Voice campaign has been a positive and effective addition to our character education focus during homeroom.

Counselor, Mountain Park Elementary
Thank you for an awesome year with Be THE Voice and PBIS Core Curriculum! We open each guidance core curriculum session with a Be THE Voice video, and the students address the video with restorative circles strategies. Circle time allows students to have an in-depth conversation and it increases a cooperative atmosphere. Ideally, this conversation leads to our "Mustang Trail and Four Agreements!"  We explore our character trait of the month and four agreements with various activities, and I provide role-play examples. In conclusion, students have reflection time to connect their experiences, and we set a plan to address concerns.

Lynn McIntyre, Treasurer
Your progress with Be THE Voice is impressive. Thank you for inviting me to hear the latest news on your program at the Roswell Rotary meeting today. It was great to learn that you are now expanding into Barrow County too.  The students who spoke from the two schools were very articulate and committed to empowering their peers to Be THE Voice in their schools.  This program is providing life long skills to help students deal with bullies. Those are skills we could all use. I’m thankful for being included and I hope that you will be involved with our organization as well.

KIMSEY HODGE, MAY 2019, Thomasville, GA
Teacher, MacIntyre Park Middle SchooL
I love the Be THE Voice program because it strengthens the voice of those who normally wouldn’t speak up, those who feel helpless, and those who think there is nothing they can do in bullying situations.  I love it because the program does more than just give a voice to the voiceless, it promotes the best aspects of social emotional learning.

KEYNUN CAMPBELL, MAY 2019, Sandy Springs, GA
Principal, Sandy Springs Charter Middle-School
I highly recommend adding the Be THE Voice Campaign to your school. This program has empowered our students to take ownership in creating a positive school culture for themselves and others. The “Be THE Voice” slogan has become the common language among our students use to communicate and remind others to be kind.

Teacher, Elkins Pointe Middle School
BTV has been a powerful campaign here at Elkins. The EPMS Interact Club is proud to stand behind BTV and all that it stands for. Kids are standing up for one another and "being the voice". We love it!!!!

STACY PERLMAN, JAN 2018, Roswell, GA
Principal, Mountain Park Elementary
Be The Voice has helped our students at Mountain Park Elementary have a common language and expectation around standing up for others. The students enjoy the videos and discussions are quick and meaningful.

High School Counselor, The Cottage School
We have been using BTV at The Cottage School and love it! The program is easy to use and has benefited our community tremendously! We highly recommended this program!

Teacher, Crabapple Middle School
The BTV effort has had a very positive effect on our student body at CMS. Students within the Interact Club have been glad to take the reins and lead, speak and introduce the videos for BTV. Our administration, counselors, and teachers all appreciated the professional and engaging interviews with celebrities that were available to choose from and share with our students. Many worthwhile conversations were started as we used BTV as part of our character education portion of homeroom during fall semester. I am confident that the BTV campaign is making a difference in the lives of some of our middle school students as their fellow students choose to step up up and be the voice that stops bullying.

KINDRA SMITH, FEB 2017, Roswell, GA
Principal, Elkins Pointe Middle School
BTV has been a highly effective program that has changed the game for the overall culture of our school. The implementation is effortless and the returns are HUGE! Our students and staff love this program because the focus is NOT on the victim. This program allows the bystander to step up and speak out on things they see wrong happening to innocent peers. It allows them to feel good about being a hero and being a part of the solution and not the problem. This program is a MUST for every school K-12 world-wide! Give it a shot and see how easy it is for students to take a lead in creating a school culture that is filled with kindness, caring and respect. EPMS Principal Kindra Smith, Ed.S Roswell, Georgia

LIBBY SWINSON, JAN 2017, Roswell, GA
Head Counselor, The Cottage School
I have been in education for 36 years and this is the first program that truly addresses what a bystander can do to help a victim of bullying. All of our students from grades 4-12 have been active in the BTV campaign for 2 years and it has made a huge difference in the way they treat their fellow peers and view each others differences. As educators, we appreciate the ease of implementing the program and how involved our students are in "Being the Voice" at school but also out in their community. Thank you so much to the Roswell Rotary Club for bringing this program to our school.

STACY PERLMAN, JAN 2017, Roswell, GA
Principal, Mountain Park Elementary
Be The Voice is a great program! Our 4th and 5th graders have participated in Be The Voice for the past two years. The videos are a great starting point for meaningful conversations about empathy and ways to advocate for self and others. We appreciate Roswell Rotary sponsoring the Be The Voice campaign.

Teacher, Hembree Springs Elementery
Students at HSES are benefiting greatly from the Be the Voice Program. With this being our second year, the message is becoming more and more a part of our school's way of life. The videos are interesting and relevant. We are grateful to be a BTV school. Thank you Roswell Rotary!

TINA MCBRIDE, JAN 2017, Roswell, GA
Principal, MacIntyre Park Middle School
The students at MPMS have truly benefited and grown since we started the "Be The Voice" program. I can't wait for the results of the post survey.

JAMIE THOMPSON, JUN 2017, Thomasville, GA7
Principal, Thomas County Middle School
Our students at Thomas County Middle School have benefited greatly from BTV. The videos were easy to use and provided a reliable way to communicate to over 800 students. Our students in our Broadcast/video class recorded lead-ins for the sessions. BTV provided a common language for our students and worked to increase awareness of the impact of bullying. Thanks BTV.