Be THE Voice® is a student-driven initiative
that results in a kinder, more inclusive school environment.
Our revolutionary program is built upon proven techniques
that help develop a student's interpersonal skills
- through first-hand experiences -
resulting in confident student leaders
in the classroom and beyond.

Let's be honest - 2020 stunk!

Every generation suffered - but 2020 was particularly traumatic for our youth as it was characterized by sadness, frustration, and an overwhelming sense of alienation resulting from learning at home and social distancing measures.

All over the country, students missed out.
Special rites of passage, holidays, planned social events, vacations and simple everyday interactions that they never realized meant so much. Students then bore witness to the deepening of the racial divide in our country during the summer and the heightened tensions and anger caused by the political battles and Presidential election in the fall.

As a result, students of all ages are struggling to process a wide range of social and emotional issues, with many making life-altering choices to escape the pain and anxiety. In many cases, all it takes is one VOICE of kindness and things can change!

More than ever, students want to participate in something upbeat!
Since campaign inception (2015), our high-energy student-driven "Movement for Kindness, Compassion & Inclusion" has made GREAT strides in changing how a student responds to difficult situations. Our P2P initiative encourages students to unplug from screens and connect with their school and community. Age-level campaigns for elementary, middle, and high school feature engaging peer videos, monthly challenges that allow students to flex their "kindness muscle" and logoed merchandise to leave a lasting impression year-round.

Student Social Bully Prevention & Emotional Learning


Research has proven that when a bystander intervenes, they will successfully defuse a difficult situation in less than 10 seconds 57% of the time.


90% of students do not like witnessing a peer being mistreated. 

Yet, less than 20% will intervene. Mostly because they don’t know what to do.

Our innovative peer-led campaign directs students to bypass the aggressor and support the target, allowing them to impact change in a safe, non-confrontational manner. Our bystander approach works as well for cyberbullying as it does for face-to-face encounters.