Kids learn to intervene when witnessing bullying— in person or online.


What is Be THE Voice?

A revolutionary program built on proven techniques to stop bullying through bystander intervention.

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Our program is unlike any other initiative in that it is—

  • Led by students
  • Based in video
  • Viewed and promoted weekly
  • Implemented for three months
  • Focused on empowering bystanders to make a difference when witnessing bullying

Programs designed for every school level

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

A 2,200-student high school reported an astonishing
decrease in bullying
after completing our Be THE Voice program!
Program Goal

To empower the student bystander to voice their support for the millions of children bullied each year, by teaching them important skills and techniques to impact change in their schools, communities and throughout their lives.

Our innovative approach—directing students to bypass the bully and support the victim—empowers students to make a difference in a safe, non-confrontational way.

Program Components
Dicussion Guides
Activities & Events
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Video-Based Program Engages Students

Be THE Voice is centered around short videos that feature celebrities, athletes, and students sharing personal stories or advice on what to do when witnessing a bullying situation.

A great deal of our content focuses on cyberbullying and social media, the most prevalent form of bullying today. We researched and selected age appropriate videos from a variety of sources that emphasize the active bystander message.


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