Kids learn to intervene when witnessing difficult situations— in person or online.


What is Be THE Voice?

A revolutionary program built on proven techniques that help to develop a student's interpersonal skills

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Our program is unlike any other initiative in that it is—

  • Led by students
  • Based in video
  • Viewed and promoted weekly
  • Implemented for six months
  • Focused on empowering bystanders to impact change within their school and community

Programs designed for every school level

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

A 2,200-student high school reported an astonishing
decrease in bullying
after completing our Be THE Voice program!
Program Goal

Social-emotional learning has become an important topic today. Research indicates students with strong cognitive regulation, emotional processes, and interpersonal skills have better academic, interpersonal, and mental health outcomes. When students are able to sustain their attention, control their emotions, navigate relationships with peers and adults, and persevere in challenging situations, they are able to focus their attention on learning and classrooms function more smoothly.

As physical fitness is important to our overall longevity, so is social-emotional fitness (or practicing empathy). Children of the Digital Age have become a little desensitized, with a general conclusion and consensus among researchers showing a decline in interpersonal skills (specifically empathy). However, when forced to substitute “face time” with screen-time, empathy returns in days! Our monthly peer-led activities and visual messages encourage students to unplug and find ways to get involved in their school and/or community.

As Aristotle stated back in 322 B.C. “Educating the Mind without educating the heart, is no education at all”. With the partnership of passionate school administrators, together we can equip students with an education that involves both heart and mind – a true recipe for success that will carry them throughout their lives!

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Video-Based Program Engages Students

Be THE Voice is centered around short videos that feature celebrities, athletes, and students sharing personal stories or advice to empower the normally silent bystander to impact change.  60% of students are visual learners, making our visual format hightly effective with many students replicating what they viewed within minutes! 


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