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Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

- Mahatma Gandhi

When school resumes this fall, students will be returning with new challenges - many beyond academics.  Schools are under extreme pressure to do more with less in the current environment, so how can you ensure your students will thrive?

Addressing students' social and emotional needs will be a key component to helping them succeed.  How can you maximize student opportunities without overburdening your staff and straining your budget?

Be THE Voice is here to help!
Our student-driven platform requires very little administrative involvement.  The last thing over-worked teachers and administrators need is ONE MORE THING to manage, BTV is completely turnkey.

The simple format is plug-and-play, even with virtual learning!  The program, student worksheets, and video series (with discussion points) all arrive via a download link that is easily facilitated and distributed electronically.

At the very heart of the Be THE Voice initiative is the belief that the empowered student is the true agent of change within their school and beyond.  Our SEL program teaches students how to process emotions, communicate effectively, practice kindness, and create positive change for themselves and others - resulting in a more efficient academic environment and kinder school climate.

Enrollment for the 2021/22 school year is now open and will close May 31st, 2021.  Help your students recover from some of the impacts of the past year and contact us today to learn more about this revolutionary program built on proven techniques.

See below for the 2020/21 program overview (launched in January 2021 due to the pandemic), and visit our social media pages for updates on the schools as they progress through the campaign!

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Revised Implementation plan for the COVID-19 world

Since 2015, the Be THE Voice® campaign has been teaching students HOW to inspire change within their schools and communities, through acts of Kindness, Compassion, & Inclusion. Today, more than ever, students are seeking to join a "movement" where their VOICE can make a difference when witnessing difficult situations.

Normally, our P2P initiative is launched in October and facilitated over five months. However, due to the new guidelines set forth by a majority of our schools (and Districts) involving delayed start dates and/or virtual-learning platforms, we have designed a modified approach that will be facilitated in Q1/2021.

The campaign will still revolve around three months of upbeat video messages and student-led activities, then conclude with the coveted "V.I.V." recognitions at the end of April (as outlined below)


November 2020
A BTV representative will contact you to assist in campaign implementation.
December 2020

Arrival of Program Guide and Student Worksheet, in addition to the Booster Kit (merchandise TBD) and download link for all videos.

To do:                                                    Select club to lead the program  Establish schedule to show video series  Schedule launch day                                  Ask admin to include BTV in your school’s communications

January 2021

Be THE Voice of Kindness

Be THE Voice should launch the week of Jan. 11th with an early morning kick-0ff in the carpool/bus lane/ atrium and banner signing as students enter

Video series will begin on this day with corresponding activities revolving around defusing bully/cyberbullying.

February 2021

Be THE Voice of Inclusion

Feb is both Black History month and Random Acts of Kindness "RAK" week. Video content will discuss discrimination & exclusion with activities to inspire change

March 2021

Be THE Voice of Compassion

March includes videos/activities that revolve around acts of compassion and service to improve student relationships, or benefit the community

April 2021

V.I.V. Awards (Very Important Voice)

The coveted time of year recognizes students who were "upstanders" in their school and/or community. Submissions will need to include the student's story of how they impacted change. Each recipient will receive a personalized certificate and limited-edition "VIV" merch. Your BTV liaison will coordinate this process!

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